Saturday, November 26, 2011

Few Tips To Prevent Your Computer From Viruses

Viruses have been the biggest rival for computers. They not only corrupt the files stored in local computers, but also lead to the break down of computers over a network, in worse conditions. It has become the most common issue, all computer and internet users are coming across. Often, we encounter people getting frustrated with their computers due to virus infections. If your pc is infected with the viruses and you are looking for computer help about virus then this is the most interesting article for you.The general question that they ask us is what are these viruses; where do they come from and how can we remove them, forever?

Here, through this post, I will attempt to answer your queries to a satisfactory level.

What Are Viruses?
A computer virus is a program capable of replicating itself. Viruses copy themselves and infect a computer without signaling the owner. Previously, viruses were one of its kinds; they could spread from one PC to another only through some means. But now there are a number of varieties in them, such as Malware, Spyware, Trojan, Worms, Adwares, etc. Though, these are different in their functionality, but are commonly referred to as Viruses and are the biggest hurdle to your PC Security.

Where Do They Come From?
Well, like before, viruses do not infect computers through downloading of infected files only. Rather, these viruses have become smart enough and quietly enter your system just by visiting some web site. The most common source for virus threats, now a days, are social media sites. These social networking sites have virus software hidden, that infect your computer by means of various banner ads available on these web sites. Another source of infection is through unreliable downloading of files and software from unknown sites. Viruses also attack through mails in the form of Spam messages.

How To Remove Them?
The best solution for virus removal is antivirus protection. There are a number of antivirus and anti spyware available in market. These antivirus virus removal software scan, detect and remove the viruses from your system and also prevent it from further infection. You can download antispyware and antivirus trial versions from internet. This will help you in deciding whether the computer anti virus is effective or not. It is good to buy anti virus software, as these are more reliable. Moreover, after you buy the software, the manufacturers also provide you with the latest Antivirus Updates to enhance the efficiency of your antivirus.

Always take preventive measures while accessing internet. Be alert while receiving mails, browsing through websites and downloading files from internet, as these browsing can bring some unwanted intruder over your system.Just join us by calling on our toll free number and get the best antivirus support for your computer.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 And Their Features

In order to fix the common issues with windows operating system, Microsoft has released various service packs (SPs) for windows operating systems. The first official service packs for windows 7 were released on February 22, 2011. The windows 7 SP1 is updated with all the previously released performance, security and stability windows updates, along with some improved features and services for added benefits. The main reason behind the development of service pack 1 for windows is to simplify windows operating for its users. Designed with various useful and technically advanced features, the SP1 for windows 7 is available for download on the official Microsoft website.

Main Functions Of Microsoft 7 Service Pack 1

The service pack 1 for windows is a Microsoft update designed for performing the following actions:

·  Making the deployment of single set of updates, easier for organizations
·  Making continuous improvements to Microsoft windows 7 by including previous windows updates for 7 and adding incremental updates for windows 7 to the service pack 1, depending upon the customer feedback
·  Provides windows 7 support

Features Of Microsoft 7 Service Pack 1

Provided with various add-on features and latest updates, the service packs for windows is capable of resolving various issues related to Microsoft windows 7. Some of the important features are listed below:

Improved reliability with HDMI audio devices

When connected with an HDMI audio device, Windows 7 was reported to have some connection failure between the two. Therefore, necessary changes to be done were included in SP1, so that there is no further connection failure between the HDMI audio device and windows 7 operating system.

Easy Printing Using XPS Viewer

Printing XPS documents using XPS viewer was not preferred with Windows 7. The customers were facing problems in printing XPS documents, as they had to print the entire page in portrait or landscape form, regardless of the actual requirement. From the feedback of customers, this issue was recognized and later on resolved with the release of SP1. the latest SP1 allows the users to print all kinds of XPS documents using XPS viewer, without any issue.

Automatic Updating and Restoring of Previous Folders in Windows Explorer

Previously, the windows 7 users needed to install windows updates from the web, manually. But with the release of SP1, the system gets automatically updated on starting the windows explorer. All the previous folders and updates are also effectively included in the system with additional technical help for improved virtualization. The SP1 also makes it easier to use Remote FX in virtualized surrounding to enhance the graphics experience.

The iGennie Tech Support offers special windows support for its customers. Backed with a team of Microsoft certified professionals, iGennie makes it a concern for offering the best Microsoft technical support. The iGennie professional provide support for all technical issues related to window 7. The customers can call the tech support at iGennie and avail the services provided by them. Apart from the windows troubleshooting, the iGennie window help and support also provides the latest information on new releases and updates in Microsoft windows service packs.

"Common Registry Errors Related To Your Computers and Their Solutions"

Each time you switch to your windows operating system, you find the changes and configuration settings that you had made earlier, initiated automatically on loading up to the system. But it is difficult for a computer to remember every change that is made all through a certain period of time. The computer needs some specific storage place, wherein it can store all the information regarding the changes made in the computer configuration settings. This particular storage or database is known as windows registry. The windows registry stores all the software and hardware configuration settings and options on windows operating systems. This helps us in configuring our system and its programs as per our requirement, each time we load it.

With the above description, you must have understood the essence and importance of registry in windows operating system. If somehow, there is any error caused in the registry, it can lead to severe damages and PC problems. Therefore, any issues with the registry should be fixed immediately. But it is not easy to diagnose the windows registry or even point the exact cause of error, until you are a computer expert. Here comes the need of a reliable IT tech support that can help you in finding out and resolving the issues with your windows registry, and provide computer maintenance.

The iGennie IT support for computers provides solutions for overcoming these registry errors and helps in fixing and repairing computers. At iGennie PC help, you get the online support and tech help for all your computer related issues, including the registry errors. Some of the common registry errors that exist in your system and their solutions are mentioned below:

Speed Loss

The most common and primary issues with computers is the speed loss. There can be various reasons for this problem, but most prominent is the registry error. The registry accesses all the data stored in memory, whether it is useful or corrupted. This extra processing causes an unnecessary consumption of processor speed and resource and can even lead to freezing of system. This loss can be prevented by using a registry cleaner, which removes all the unused, corrupted data prior to the processing. The iGennie tech support helps you in selecting the best registry cleaner and also assists in running the cleaner software on your system.

Hardware Failure

Sometimes it may happen that you give some command to the windows and the windows takes some time for processing it and later on refuses to respond. This can occur due to some hardware failure in your registry. iGennie support for computers provides regular registry clean-ups for your systems to ensure that there is no hardware failure within the registry.

Run time errors and BSOD

Many a times you come across a run time error or a display error, commonly known as Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD). These errors occur due to the over accumulation of conflicting file resources in your registry, collected through various installed applications. This occurs mainly while uninstalling some application. Though the application is uninstalled, some parts or strains of the program remain in the registry and cause trouble on accumulation. The iGennie executives repair your computers and resolve the BSOD errors in your systems. 

Virus Infections

Another common reason for registry failure is the virus infection. A computer virus opens the system registry to a hacker and he can thereby, easily access and make changes to the windows registry of your system. The iGennie support for computers helps you protect your system from hackers. The computer services offered at iGennie also include the antivirus download and installation, which help in preventing the registry from virus attacks.

Therefore, with iGennie, you can sit back and relax, without worrying about any kind of PC problem. The iGennie online tech support provides you the best computer support and maintenance for your systems. The computer support provided by iGennie includes all types of PC repair and other tech support services.

Most Common Printer Problems And Their Solution . Printer Troubleshooting.

All electronic goods are prone to some kind of malfunctioning, whether it is concerned with their speed and performance or with any kind of technical defects. Similarly, printers also can cause trouble at times. The malfunctioning of printers can lead to both time and money loss. Therefore, any kind of printer issues should be resolved as soon as possible, to get smooth and hassle free printing.

iGennie Technical Services is a platform where you can come up with any issues with your printers and get the best solution for your printer problems. The iGennie printer tech support helps you with not only the printer installation, but also helps you to fix printer.

Most Common Printer Problems And Their Solutions

Printer Paper Jam

You should make sure that the printer paper cartridge is loaded with paper, because a printer cannot print without paper. Next, you should take note of whether there is any piece of paper stuck in the printer, as a paper jam printer cannot print properly. If found the paper should be removed from the printer manually. If you do not have any idea about how to open the cartridge and fix it, you can take help from the iGennie print support, where the executives guide you and help you in removing the paper from the cartridge.

Printer Error

If the printer is working properly, it should display a solid green light on the indicator. If the light is blinking or turns orange, it means that there is some printer error. The cause can be a paper jam or cartridge issue. As the reason for this type of error is not sure, so it is advised that you should go for a printers help and support. iGennie professionals are experts in troubleshooting a printer and hence, provide the best printer troubleshoot.

Missing Driver

Sometimes it occurs to you that you are all set for printing, but still the computer is not supporting the printer. This is due to a compatible driver missing or if the driver is present, it is damaged. You need to repair the driver immediately. The printer repair services from iGennie include the repair of drivers and also help you in installing new printer drivers for your computers.

Printer self tests

Many printers have the facility to test their physical status through printer self tests. This test can be performed by holding a series of keys provided with the printers. If you are having any doubts regarding the use and functionality of this feature, you can seek help from the iGennie printer repair help and support.
Apart from performing the printer self test, Microsoft windows users for XP can also perform a software test to check the printer compatibility with computer. The iGennie tech support helps you with this software self test and also guides you on how to fix XP, such that it supports the printer.

The iGennie help and support for printer includes both ink-jet and laser printer troubleshoot for printers from various brands. There is a different support system for each brand, such as HP support for HP printers, Canon printer support that offers the canon printer repairs, etc. The iGennie executives provide you the guidance on how to troubleshoot printer problems and also offer the remote support for printer troubleshooting.

Importance Of Tech Support For Small Business

The pace with which, the IT industry is moving ahead has lend the base for Small Business Enterprises (SMEs) to come into action. Growing rapidly in developing countries, these companies have built up a strong hold in the IT sector and have created a competitive aura in the IT business. Struggling hard to increase their client base, these businesses have generated a huge competition among themselves. In order to enhance their productivity and business, most of the SMEs have overburdened themselves. These SMEs need some external help and technical support to handle their business effectively. For this reason, most of the SMEs have outsourced their customer services to some external IT tech supports, providing computer support services to their customers. However, one quarter of the SME owners handle these themselves. They provide the tech support for computers to their customers on their own. The tech support services like overseeing virus and hacker- resistant e-mail systems, upgrading software, updating social networking site pages, etc., are handled by the SME’s own PC support. But those with large work load and huge clientele leverage on some external tech support help for assistance.
The set-up of an SME is much easier rather than running it effectively. As handling the IT issues is not an easy job, most of the SMEs find it difficult to solve the issues with their IT products and are therefore, unable to provide the computer tech support to their customers. Hence, many of the small businesses have dealt with some external pc technical support to assist them. These tech supports help the customers with their issues regarding the IT products and provide the solution for the issues. These technical supports are offered in the form of online tech support, where the customers can seek help through internet or the phone support, where the customers require calling the tech support on their tech support number and availing help for their problems. Another form of technical support offered by the tech support companies is remote support. Here the remote tech support people look into the issue, find out the actual cause and then provide the remote computer repair. This is done by taking the access to the customer’s system on their permission through internet and thereafter rectifying the problem. Therefore, these tech support companies help the SMEs in preserving both their time and resources that can be utilized further, for other important prospects.

iGennie technical services is one of the leading tech supports that deals in various customer support services. Backed by a team of Microsoft certified professionals, iGennie specializes in providing the tech support for Microsoft and also offers the best windows technical support to the customers. Whether it is related to the backup and recovery of critical data, providing IT support to SME employees or customers, or developing an Internet marketing campaign for the company, iGennie is the best place to find the complete solution for all the requirements. Other customer support services included in the iGennie technical services are email tech support for internet users, software tech support for the installations/ uninstall/ reinstallation issues of different software. It can therefore, be stated in short as, the services offered at iGennie are designed to help the SMEs to manage and grow their business to higher levels.

Data Backup And Restore ? How To Takes Backup And Restore Data From Your Computer.

The security of files and data on a system is one of the most important, yet neglected area of computer usage. Most of the information and records about the organization, office, home, and other computing places is stored in the form of data in the computers. If somehow these data and files are deleted or corrupted, it can cause a big loss. To prevent data in the systems from any kind of accidental deletion, proper data backup and restore should be done, so that in case of any accident the recovery of data is possible.

Why should you back up?

The safety of data and files stored on your system is a crucial issue to look into. As the data loss can cause severe damage to an organization or even the common users. Therefore, proper backup & recovery should be done to prevent any user data loss. The computer data backup also prevents data loss during hardware failures, database corruptions or even during natural disasters. Some of the common reasons for data failure are:

Physical failure of media

No physical thing can survive for ever, so is the case with computers. If you have all your data stored in your hard drive or floppy disks, you have a risk of loosing those data, as the hard disk or floppy disk cannot survive forever. It may happen that due to the accumulation of some improper data, the hard disk or floppy fails and thereby, looses all the data stored on them. Therefore, you need to create a back up for hard disk to prevent data loss.

Power failure

Power failure can be another reason for data loss. If you are working on some document and suddenly the power goes off, you can loose your data if the data is not saved previously. So, you should make a data back up to recover deleted files that are lost during power failures.

Virus infections

Another big reason for data loss is virus infections. There are a number of harmful viruses that can attack your system and cause damage to data and files stored on it. A proper data backup restores all the data lost during virus attacks.

How to Backup & Restore data from your Computer?

Backup and restoring data from your computer is an essential part of computing. It can be done using the backup wizard in your system by following the instructions. Restoring data from backup is also similar to taking a back up. However, in case of any confusion or system compatibility error, the data can be recovered by taking the data back up online, with the assistance of some reliable tech support that can help you with the backup and data recovery.

iGennie Technical Services is an international tech support involved in giving the best solutions and support for any issues related to computers and peripherals. Appreciated by its customers for offering the best online backup, iGennie helps you in performing the online backup and data recovery of your system. It not only helps you with the online data backup, but also provides the remote backup for critical situations, when it is hard to recover data on one’s self.

iGennie premium support for data backup and recovery include:

·  Free online data backup and data recovery
·  Automatically schedule backups to recover data
·  Remote backup services
·  Incremental backups to save your disk space
·  Restore windows

Internet Browsers Optimization

Internet has become a basic requisite for survival in modern age. Be it for business, official or personal use, life without internet cannot be imagined in today’s living culture. A major part of one’s daily life is devoted to internet browsing. If you are an office person and need some presentation, you take the help of internet for preparing the presentation. If you want to send some data immediately, to a person abroad, you can send it through internet. As far as the need of internet is growing, so are the problems with its browsing. Internet has become so important in our lives that even a small issue with internet browsing can lead to some severe problem. Issues like slow internet, cookies functionality errors, and run time errors like page cannot be displayed, can be a hurdle in your daily business. Some of these issues are so complex that they need an external help for resolving them.

At iGennie, our internet support executives help you in working on internet smoothly, without any technical issue, so that every minute of your internet browsing is worthy. Be it anything that troubles you while accessing internet, our technical experts are always ready to help you with the proper solution.

The internet connection support offered at iGennie includes:

·  Diagnosing the internet speed and if the internet is running slow then speed up the internet connection
·  Resolve internet disconnecting issues
·  Troubleshoot ISP connection Issues and repair wireless disconnection
·  Resolving signal issues

Apart from this, if you want to make changes in your browser to make it perform better, or you want to give your browser new capabilities, our people will help you in optimizing your browser. Known for offering the best web browser optimization, our help and support system provides you with the solutions and optimizations for your browsers to work faster and smarter. Sometimes, you are not satisfied with the features and properties of your internet browser. If you want to add some additional features to your browser like the addition of more scripts in your browser for tinkering and tweaking or like to have built in features like tab management, crash recovery, spell checking, etc., iGennie helps you with the selection of suitable optimizers. It also helps you in removing annoying features like unnecessary pop ups, banners, ActiveX ads, etc., from your browsers.

If you want to optimize the speed of your browser or check the connection bandwidth with respect to other locations all around the world, you can perform speed test for the browser. The iGennie tech support executives help you in performing these speed tests to test the speed of your internet connection against other broadband services and also help you in optimizing the internet speed as per your convenience or requirement.